MegaDice Casino Review

MegaDice Casino is an online casino that offers their players wagering on a simple dice or slot game from the convenience of their home. This casino also comes with an interesting, although comical legend.

The story goes that the casino is powered by a Nokia 3310, running a super artificial intelligence, that was abandoned in a subway station in Tokyo. These phones as well all know are indestructible and this one specifically is powered by the ghost of Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin and also an overly attractive 20 year old female programmer and exotic pet collector, at least according to the legend.

Getting back to facts, MegaDice Casino is also one of the most popular Bitcoin casinos in the world with over 4 million BTC having been won and over and over 6 million blockchain bets placed. The house edge in this game is only 1.9% which is much lower than most casino games and depending on the betting options, players could receive up to a 64 000x return on their wager.
The MegaDice Casino website is rather plain which is not surprising considering that they only offer two games. The top bar sports the casino name and logo along with a registration and login option. Just below this players will find a navigation bar with options like Play, Deposit, Cashout, Bet on the House and Affiliate.

Next is a section reserved for the wager adjustments and play. When playing the dice game players can adjust their bet from 0.0000001 BTC to 2 BTC which offers a lot of variation. The chance to win slider can also be adjusted but as can be expected, a higher chance to win comes with a lower winning multiplier. Finally there is a button to roll the dice.

The bottom section of the screen is devoted to information and statistics. Players can choose to view recent bets placed from any player, big wins, rare wins, winning and losing streaks and the current leader boards.

Since this is not a traditional online casino, they also don’t offer the traditional bonuses we’ve gotten used to. The only additional offer besides the games is an affiliate program that could earn you additional Bitcoin for getting new players to sign up and play. Members of the affiliate program can earn as much as 10% of the profits made from their referred players.

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